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Starting on Saturday, January 6th, 2007, Green Bay Score began publishing a series of articles for a new business column in the Green Bay Press Gazette. Score volunteers serve as authors of these articles. 

Copies of the articles can be read and printed by clicking the titles below. All of the article are currently authored by Tina Dettman-Bielefelt, SCORE District Director and Chapter 508 SCORE Member unless otherwise noted.

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Side Business 'Never a Chore' for Dental Hygienist

October 9, 2017, Green Bay Press-Gazette
Jill Meyer-Lippert of Manitowoc knows how devastating diagnoses of cancer can be.  Her father died from Hodgkin’s disease in 2005, and her mother is a cancer survivor.  As a caregi Read more
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Pigeon-Metzner Helps Match Businesses with Art

September 18, 2017, Green Bay Press-Gazette
Kim Pigeon-Metzner wants her business to start a conversation. The Green Bay SCORE client and owner of KPM Arts Consulting in Green Bay says art accomplishes that goal.   Read more
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Miller, Monkey Tailz Find Innovation is Key

September 11, 2017, Green Bay Press-Gazette
If Brian Miller, owner of Monkey Tailz in Green Bay, has learned anything since starting his business, it is this.   “If something doesn’t work, try something else,” he said.   Read more
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New Nonprofit Makes Special Days Brighter

September 4, 2017, Green Bay Press-Gazette
Denise Nalepa-Hucke and Rhae Ortega, of Green Bay, aren’t looking to make a living from their business. Their goal is to make life better for others.   Read more