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Starting on Saturday, January 6th, 2007, Green Bay Score began publishing a series of articles for a new business column in the Green Bay Press Gazette. Score volunteers serve as authors of these articles. 

Copies of the articles can be read and printed by clicking the titles below. All of the article are currently authored by Tina Dettman-Bielefelt, SCORE District Director and Chapter 508 SCORE Member unless otherwise noted.

In The News

Chainsaw Artisan Evolves, Finds Balance

May 22, 2017, Green Bay Press-Gazette
Many parents discourage their children from pursuing a career in the arts. When your son gravitates toward chainsaw sculpture, it can be even more concerning.   Read more
In The News

After IT Career, a Shift to Don Father Games

April 5, 2017, Green Bay Press Gazette
In a discussion earlier this week, a soon-to-be-retired businessman said that he liked the idea of starting a business in a few years but was afraid of the time commitment.   Read more