How I can help you

My background includes P L and business management, product development, sales, marketing, and operations management. Diverse experiences from start-up companies to major corporations have provided me with broad ranging experiences to help you tackle your unique business challenges. My true passion is offering the right product or service to fulfill the client or customer need, and delivering an outstanding customer experience that inspires continuing loyalty. I can help you determine how best to present a unique value proposition to your target customers, and identify the ways in which you can attract and retain the customers you want and need to grow your business over time. I am also a big proponent of finding the most cost effective way of delivering the best possible outcome for your customer. An awesome customer experience does NOT have to be more expensive! Operationally, it is essential to build and maintain efficient business processes whether you are establishing or running a business. I spent many years of my career running a myriad of departments and operations, and I can help you take a deeper look at the processes that are, or will be, key to running your business in the most cost effective way. I can also help if you have people-related challenges and opportunities. The people who work with us and for us make all the difference to how successful we are. Everyone brings unique talents and personalities to the work place, and its critical that we understand how to bring the very best out of each person and inspire teamwork that drives success in our business. I love building high performing teams!

Areas of Expertise

  • Operations

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  • Finance & Insurance

Pam Dufour

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